Queue The Montage

Please find your seats quickly, class has started. For those that don’t know, a montage is a film editing technique that condenses a section of film into short scenes, the aim is that they flow in a way that tells a longer story in a shorter time frame. A perfect example is the infamous running scene from Forrest Gump. As we all know Forrest goes on a run that ends up lasting 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours, all of which is chopped and screwed into just 7 minutes of footage. Now class I’m sure your wondering … Continue reading Queue The Montage

All Work and No Play Makes for Miserable Interns All Day

With us slowly approaching the 61st (no typo, that’s how long it’s felt) day of January, I can now commence the 8-day countdown until Mummy dearest arrives, and the 13-day countdown until my best friend, her mum and my beautiful Godson arrive in West Palm beach. #currentmood The end of January also reminds me I’ve been American for nearly 6 months’ now and I am loving it more than ever! The weather has been a little up and down which I don’t approve of, but for every ‘cold’ day there’s a week in summer to come where I may just … Continue reading All Work and No Play Makes for Miserable Interns All Day

Wendy Darling

Now, as we all know in the end Wendy decides to return home and comes to accept that she must grow up, therefore I have to decide whether my Wendy complex is temporary or am I back at the beginning of planning for forever ?

Or is there an even bigger plot twist, where I realise I need to grow up and stop searching for life advise in Disney movies. Continue reading Wendy Darling

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

I realise that in order for my blog to serve its purpose for future J1 Interns, I think it’s about time I actually talk about work. Side note: The pictures you seeing are of the main club house where, the annual opening season party is hosted. Each year members go up north during the summer months and return to Florida during the winter months, to commemorate this moment they through a big shindig! Unfortunately I didn’t get to work the event which I was pretty sad about, but on the bright side I didn’t have stay till 2am resetting the … Continue reading Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work