Neo In Wonderland

314 days, 44 weeks and 6 days or 7536 hours, that’s how much time I have left of this experience. 3 years ago this wouldn’t have been a dream, 2 years ago this became a possibility, a year ago the plan was set in motion and right now as I look at the time, the expiration of this moment draws closer.

Don’t misunderstand me I’m not scratching the days off my calendar or counting down the days till I go home. But what I am doing, is starting to realised how quickly time is flying and how important it is to experience as much as possible. Because as I just said this is indeed a moment, a small amount of time where I’m almost living alongside my own life, engrossed and emerged in a parallel universe where we are barely affected by things outside of our bubble. Life at home is almost a myth, we barely watch the news, we don’t pay bills, we party almost every week sometimes twice a week, rarely cook, barely clean and yet there a little to no consequences right now to our behaviour.

It’s almost like living in the matrix, in the perfect utopia, and because we believe it’s real we have no reason to wake up and go back into the real world.

Even writing this now makes me realise how crazy this all, so let me put it this way, if you were in the matrix, submerged in your own wonderland, oblivious to how the world at home changes without you, would you really choose to wake up?


I’ve been in my very own wonderland for 2 months now. I’m still in the honeymoon faze and the novelty is yet to wear off, I still have sombre moments of reflection  and say “wow, I’m really living in America”. It doesn’t take big grand moments either, sometimes just walking around our apartment complex, doing grocery shopping or in an uber going down the I-95. I look out of the window like a child allowed to ride shotgun for the first time, fascinated by surroundings, intrigued by new sightings and wishing the journey would last forever.

However, as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever and with the way time is ticking I’m starting to realise that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get used to this. I look the right way when crossing the road, I say gas instead of petrol, cilantro instead of coriander and tipping has become natural. I still get a little sad when I think about home (I don’t think that will change), but I also am beginning to feel at home right here too.

Although I may feel settled, there is so much more to experience and with time flying by I want to make sure I see and do as much as possible.

Here is how month 2 went;

October 5th – 6th

  • Surviving hurricane Matthew

For the full story on how we survived hurricane Matthew, check out my 2nd post; ‘A Brits guide to Hurricane Survival’.

October 7th – 8th

  • We in Miami beeaachhh *Queue strobe lights* du dududu du du dududu

So much to my mums despair with hurricane Matthew moving forth on its path of destruction, I took the opportunity to go up to visit a friend from home in Miami. She’s more than a friend actually, she’s me in about 5 years’ time, were the same people and I can’t express how good it was to see her. It was like seeing home, in her I saw my home, the area I live in, my friends my family. She was my reminder of how temporary my current situation is and that I do indeed have an almost completely separate life to go home to. It was amazing and I couldn’t figure a better way or better people to experience Miami with, so shout out to my big sister Steph, check out her blog too she goes by the cool name of Alljetnolag.

October 17th

  • Karaoke night turned pool party


I’ve never done karaoke before but I’ve always wanted to and the chance finally came. What a night it was, hosted by a beautiful co-worker I cooked up a little feast, chicken wings, quesadillas, potatoes wedges, bruschetta tomatoes, garlic bread and more. We ate, drank and sang to our hearts content, definitely one of THE best memories I’ll have of this experience.

October 19th

  • Sistra’s almost 30 (she’ll kill me for that)


My beautiful big sister took a big leap closer to the 30 lol. So far I’ve missed both my parent’s birthdays and now my sister’s birthday too which was pretty emotional. Me and my sister grew really close not long before I left, so separating on such a high definitely stung a little. Very sad to have missed the day but also I thank God for Moonping and Factime! She also has a blog, she’ll be documenting the time leading up to her 6 month trip across Asia, America and Australia so check her out: expecqtopatronumorbis.

October 21st

  • Graduation

On October 2st 2016, I officially completed my foundation degree in Hospitality Management and graduated from Westminster Kingsway College with Distinction. Of course being in the states I was unable to attend but my tutor contacted my mum and asked if she could attend on my behalf. On that day while 4000 plus miles away I was able to give my mum one of her proudest parent moments to date, not only did she collect my transcript, but she sat amongst a hall full of people while my tutor gave a small speech about me. She spoke so highly of me I cried watching it back, my class gave me a big round of applause and even the principal congratulated me and my mum on my current endeavours. I was awarded with Academic Achievement for Foundation Degree and I couldn’t be happier.

Month 2 has been eventful, emotional but also has shown me my capabilities and the love I have back home waiting for me with open arms. Personally I was able to get used to some things quite quickly, but at this 2 month marker, I’m pretty much American.

For anyone thinking of doing this same program,something similar or anything that require you to ‘jump’, I would like to encourage you to dive in head first, pinch your nose, hold your breath and trust in your ability to rise to the occasion. Like I said in my very first post, I’m here because I set fire to my comfort zone, do the same! Create your own utopia, design your wonderland and let no one force you to wake up.

I hope you enjoyed the new format I’m trying, leave a comment let me know.


Im trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it”

– Morpheus (The Matrix)


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