All Work and No Play Makes for Miserable Interns All Day

With us slowly approaching the 61st (no typo, that’s how long it’s felt) day of January, I can now commence the 8-day countdown until Mummy dearest arrives, and the 13-day countdown until my best friend, her mum and my beautiful Godson arrive in West Palm beach.



The end of January also reminds me I’ve been American for nearly 6 months’ now and I am loving it more than ever! The weather has been a little up and down which I don’t approve of, but for every ‘cold’ day there’s a week in summer to come where I may just cry because of how intense the heat is, only for my tears to heat up, boil and evaporate before leaving my eyes!

That was slightly dramatic but whatever.

Since I am approaching the half way mark, that calls for a little reminiscing I think, mainly on all the things we’ve got up to out here although there is so much more to come.Coming out here I didn’t really have a plan or ‘bucket list’ as per say, I just wanted to be a free spirit, do whatever, whenever and however the wind blows. Really and truly that was probably a better decision because in all honesty if I had planned all the things I wanted to accomplish by this point, I would pretty disappointed.


Because one thing you have to realise is yes we are out to here to enjoy America, soak in the culture and experience a new lifestyle, amongst all those wonderful things, one must remember we are also here to work.

And believe me work we do!


However, as a collective of more than 10 fully functional plans, we seemed to be cursed with inability to plan something to do with any free time were blessed with. Whenever we have managed to string something together we have managed to have a great time, such as going to Key west which you can read about and watch my homemade video of our time here:Road Trip to the Keys, no Dj Khaled

Key west is the biggest trip we’ve done so far; however, we have all ventured to Miami on individual occasions. I made a last minute decision to head down after the hurricane and you see how that went right here: Neo In Wonderland

I would say those are the most major trips we’ve managed to pull off, Disneyland, Universal and Orlando in general is most definitely next. I’ve also managed to take a couple internal flights to Atlanta, easy and cheap beyond any comprehension, I fly southwest but others are great too.

For the next batch of J1 interns coming here to Florida here’s a few things we’ve managed to do in around West Palm that you might want to try.


College Football

  • Any school.

I did this in ATL with my aunt, but you can do this anywhere and it’s great to see. Great atmosphere, you probably won’t understand anything but just clap when they clap, cheer when they cheer and boo when they boo, do that and you’ll fit right in.


Drunk Painting (Organised by Rasheeda)

  • Uptown Art, Evernia near City place, WPB

You don’t have to drink of course, but no good memories started with a glass of water. So grab a bottle and some snacks and create a masterpiece through the guided steps of the artist, fantastic experience!


John D MacArthur

  • 10 minutes from Palm Beach Gardens

Do not be mistaken like we were; this was not a beach! Far from, I would say it more like the location of I’m a Celeb. However there are some lovely volunteer workers that that will give you a good tour of the state park and a great talk about the State park and its history.



  • Via Tri-Rail Est. 2 hours +

Go! Because you want to, because you would love to, because you can’t tell people you lived and hour from Miami and not have visited at least 10 times.  The weekends are a great time to come as trains tickets are only $5. Bargain!


Miami Heat (Organised by Rasheeda)

  • American Airline Arena

Just like watching Football, the atmosphere is insane. Nothing comparable, between the opening events, half time performances and commentary and desperate efforts to be featured on the live cam screen, it is definitely in my top 10 thinks to do.

Singer Island

  • 20 minutes from Palm Beach Gardens

This is just a simple fun, gather up the troops, grab some drinks, a portable speaker, some snacks and just enjoy the beach for the day!


  • 15 minutes out from Palm Beach Gardens

Great place for eating out, with most of the restaurants on the edge of water you can watch yachts, boats and the occasional topless guy weight boarding through the water.

And that’s it so far, that I can remember anyway. I still would like to accomplish a lot more, I’m not sure in what order or when, but there is definitely a lot more to come.


Fun is Good’

  • Dr. Seuss

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