Finding Me

‘Here she goes again looking for life lessons and guidance in Disney movies that are generally created for people more than half her age.’

Yes, it’s true, I look for analogies and advice in Disney films, but I’d like to think its healthier than people that stay drunk or high to run away or hide from life’s woes. In the words of 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West ‘We all self-conscious I’m just the first to admit it’.


Where better to realise all your insecurities, fears, flaws, triggers, needs, wants and personal preferences 5000 miles away from the people, places and things that protect you from feeling all the feelings that make you feel vulnerable. That’s a lot of feeling!


So for today’s Disney life lessons we’ll be looking at Finding Nemo, now all jokes aside there is a lot of comparisons to be found in the film.

Unless you suffered a freak accident and found yourself in a coma for the entirety of 2003 then you’ll know that as the story goes, Nemo the clownfish goes AWOL in the Ocean. Eventually he gets lost and caught by a diver, ends up in a fish tank destined to die under the evil hands of some little brat, round of applause, the end.

Okay of course there is more to the story line but were on a tight schedule here so if for some unbeknown reason you really haven’t watched Finding Nemo, exit stage left because there is no place for you here.


The film looks at courage, perseverance and conquering the abyss that exists outside of our comfort zones, all things I’ve had to on this journey and discussed in previous posts.

I’ve come to realise I have a lot more introvert tendencies than I thought with a dash of social awkwardness when it comes to being in groups I don’t know very well. Strange enough at home I hated being on my own, barely ever sat in my room and never fell short of people to surround myself with to avoid I guess being ‘lonely’. Out here I’ve found comfort in spending time alone, sitting out and taking a minute to just breathe, I’m over thinker, my mind takes no days off and runs at 100mph, so the opportunity to just be completely still is beautiful.


For both Marlin (Nemo’s dad) and Nemo, they meet new friends in situations where they have no choice but to trust in them, those friends also expose them to new experiences and lessons are learnt.

Meeting, living and hanging out with people you don’t know is hard, of course it is, but when you meet people you instantly connect with, people you didn’t think you would ever relate with and make friends across the world, it’s a humbling experience. I don’t talk too much about how I feel or things that run through my mind, so this blog has been a perfect way to free up some mind space, as well as some of the people that I have met out here, a select few have defiantly kept me sane and kept my spirits high though some of the hardships.

Having said that and I hope she doesn’t mind, but would go as far as saying my roommate actually reminds of Dory in a few ways. She’s very care free, happy go lucky and sorry doll but your memory does suck LOL!! But just as Marlin learns from Dory, I’ve learnt from her not to worry about things I can’t control, to search as hard as can for positives before being affected by the negatives and to just take each day as it comes.


The film starts of in a very devastating way, Nemo’s mum…..



Wow I have to admit I actually just spelt mum ‘mom’ and retyped, I thing I may have been here too long.




Nemo’s MUM, brothers and sisters (although just eggs at the time) are all killed, leaving behind just Marlin and Nemo, they are each other’s everything and so of course the separation is devastating.

I come from an immediate family of five, with parents who each have siblings just short of double figures, who all have a minimum of 3 children and some of those children even have children.

Confused?….. here is are SOME cousins from my dad’s side of the family…


Basically my family is enormous, were very close and have a lot of gatherings throughout the year especially Christmas as family from overseas often travel to the UK to celebrate together. Personally I don’t think I’ve ever been unappreciative of family but I have taken being so close to them for granted. Although I have an aunt in a couple states up in ATL, it doesn’t beat being able to walk to the top of my road or drive five minutes to visit a relative. For my parents they’ve had to learn to let go and succumb to the reality that although this experience is just for a year, a time will come where me and my siblings move out permanently and eventually empty nest syndrome becomes a forever thing. Let’s face it the same applies to myself, there will come a time where I will have book my own doctors’ appointments, remind myself to take out the rubbish and pluck up the courage to kill spiders myself.


I guess overall this year has almost been a test run for forever. Learning how to cope, adjust and grow, each moment is a lesson and each lesson reaps progress.


If you have the opportunity to play this game called life, you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until its passed”

Kanye West


5 thoughts on “Finding Me

  1. Wow Chan you go deeper with each blog. I hate to say but you unfortunately have my traits loving your own company. Mind going a 100mph lol. I guess being away has made you see yourself from a different perspective but I will say to try not to overthink things and your friend is right about not worrying about things we can’t control. It took you guys all going away for me to finally accept that I can’t worry about everything but just know that you guys are protected by the most high God and I have nothing to worry about but let you all spread your wings and fly. The world is your oyster and you have nothing to worry about but to continue on the path destined for you.

    Love you to the max my “warrior princess”

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