Return Of The MAC – LeIntern at Home

Guess whose back, back again, LeInterns’ back, tell a friend

Guess whose back…

Guess whose back…

Guess whose back…
Guess whose back…

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Well first of all I’m technically not even an intern anymore so I didn’t really think this whole think through very well, but I’ve come too far so the name stays.

Where does one who abandoned their blog (for good reason) begin.

I mean I don’t even know where or how I left things, I broke up with you guys and never explained why.

So pick your closure.

a) It’s not you, it’s me

b) We’re different people now

c) I just don’t feel like you get me.


Look Life happened, OKAY!

Remember my previous blogs, where I compared my internship and ‘America Life’ to Never Neverland and the Matrix.

Yes, that.

Well guess what? I took the blue pill, I’ve been unplugged, I had to grow up, whatever analogy you want to use but listen to me Toto were not in Kansas anymore. This is real life and real life is BEACH! (my mums reading I can’t swear)

So, let me explain, what had happened wassssssssssss…

I travelled some of the states with an intern buddy, it was incredible, best decision best experience just incredible.

We flew to ATL…

Atlanta Braves Baseball Game


Then to Washington DC…


Then took the train to Philidelphia…


Then another train to New York City…

Top of the Empire State Building


Before finally boarding our last flight Homebound…


(Excuse my face, didn’t sleep the whole flight and cried happy tears excessively upon arrival)

Coming home was perfect, I just enjoyed the purity in every minute of being with my family and loved ones.

And shortly after, shit got real (Sorry mum).

I arrived home on September 6th, had to enrol at university on September 8th and started class on September 12th, in hindsight I really didn’t leave myself much time for a smooth transition.

Going back to university was great, it was good to catch up and see friends again and in a way, it was nice to be back in a challenging environment. Don’t misunderstand me, the country club was challenging but after a while the day to day work, like anything in life, naturally becomes monotonous.

It’s my final year and all I’m looking forward to is taking that generic graduation picture, where you throw the cap in the air and laugh at the prospect that you are now closer to 30, 20 something grand in debt, unemployed, inexperienced and expected to have life planned out.



Yes, that picture.

But despite my excitement to re-enact this very moment, everything pre-cap throwing is going to be tough.

I had planned to come home edit all the great footage I got from my travels, start a Youtube Vlog, continue this blog, start a food blog, become vegan (millennial banter), take up yoga and feed the homeless on weekends. To be quiet frank between, assignments, baking cakes, attempting to socialise, working and intermittent WTFAIDWML (what the flip am I doing with my life) moments, all plans remain unexecuted.



I mean, in all honesty I think my expectations exceeded my reality, I had got so used to having time to myself and an abundance of free will, I thought I could create the same at home but right now that’s not entirely possible.

I have high expectations and leave myself little room for error which usually results in regular meltdowns, but that’s something I’m working on this year. However, because of said expectations I work a lot, stress twice as much, sleep very little and have chill-out even less, all of which I am aware is mentally very unhealthy (again I’m working on it).

Despite all of the above, I did manage to have an A-MAZ-ING Christmas and New Years. It was the perfect opportunity to see those I hadn’t had the chance to see since coming home and just being with friends and family generally is internally very uplifting.

I’ve been home almost 5 months and sometimes it feels like I never left, some memories have become myths while others make me so very sad that it’s all over. But generally, I am glad to be home, I have so many things I want to accomplish and aspirations I want to live out, none of which could be done sipping coffee on my balcony (oh lord do I miss that balcony).

But apparently Palm Beach has some kind of hold on me, soooo I booked a ticket and went back for a week, I couldn’t help myself.

It was very needed and thoroughly enjoyed.


Fast Forward even further to right now, currently it is 3:30am Monday, January 29th, I haven’t slept before 4am since coming back from holiday and I start back at class in two days. I made the conscious decision not to complete any of my reading week tasks in silent protest of the assignments I had over the Christmas break.

Although I anticipate the repercussions will be self-destructive….




As much as I miss Palm beach, the friends I made, the sun on my skin and carefree mentality. I want nothing more than to finish university, throw my cap in the air and begin living my very best life.


If you are lucky, you have your moment. But it is never more than a moment. You have to enjoy it while it lasts”

– Julian Fellows


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